Photonics and Bionanotechnology Association PhoBiA and OM-in-nano would like to invite you to attend the joined:

PhoBiA Annual Nanophotonics International Conference "PANIC" and Symposium on Photoactive Synthetic Materials "SPASM" which will take place from 27th to 30th of April, 2014 in Wroclaw.

The major idea of PANIC is to be a interdisciplinary conference in order to gather students and young scientists and enable them to discuss and share their knowledge in oral presentations. It is also an opportunity to renew old friendships and meet new interesting people learning or working in the area of photonics, chemistry, physics and biology.

The goal of the SPASM symposium is to bring together international experienced scientists and researchers interested in the recent developments in the field of synthesis of molecules, oligomers, dendrimers and nanoparticles as well as the characterization of materials possessing tailored response to light which may include engineered absorption and emission of luminescence, photochromis behavior and ability to generate photocurrent and nonlinear optical effects.